Starting a ‘Very Easy’ Project

  1. This is a team project! Start by praying together.
  2. Collect helpful Bibles and sources such as veryeasy English ( ) and other veryeasy languages. Many teams might start by working on the 4 volumes of ‘veryeasy’English Bible stories – please see
  3. Please DO NOT JUST TRANSLATE the veryeasy English but write your own version or change it to fit your own culture.
  4. To make it easier to read – please keep the sentences short, repeat words when you can and use local illustrations.
  5. Leave a lot of white paper when you print! I know that this is expensive – but full pages are difficult to read. Many people have eyesight problems.
  6. Field- test these materials with the users – with the help of their teachers. Change words they cannot read. Ask pastors and scholars to check your work. ALWAYS THINK ABOUT WHAT THE users WILL NEED!
  7. Your team should put its own copyright on the finished materials. Your work belongs to your team and your country.

    It is very useful for learning-disabled people, in prisons and even with Sunday Schools.

God bless your efforts!

October 11 2009 02:32 pm

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