Method to get started and selling booklets

Pls see my notes to Jasun from Bangladash starting easyBengali :

Jasun asked how many team members would be needed –

‘That’s up to you but you need people to translate, check, field-test a few copies before bulk printing of the gospel booklets, sell at low prices to the poor and reasonable prices to churches to raise funds for more printing. Pls don’t just give them away free or they will not be respected’. Please sell the booklets to the poor at very low prices; to church members and leaders at normal prices and seek funds from friendly churches to pay for bulk printing.
It’s also best if ALL team members accept that LGBT+ people are an important part of God’s diverse creation and don’t seek to change them.
ALL members must be volunteers as NO MONEY is available.


January 22 2020 10:05 am

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