Independence, Printing Costs and Field-Testing

Many people make the mistake of giving away free Gospels in easy languages. These are not valued anywhere, but thrown away and trampled under-foot. Like election leaflets.
We need to sell them at very low prices to the really poor, at reasonable prices to churches and Church Members and at realistic prices to Church Leaders – so that they will read them in their cars and homes and give us feedback to improve the product. THIS IS CALLED FIELD-TESTING. It will keep our work fresh and relevant and raise funds for future printing. SO WE CAN BECOME INDEPENDENT AND ESCAPE COLONIALISM.

Many teams will do the same easylanguage for different dialects and nations and this is good. In Wales, UK we have several dialects of WELSH in the North -quite different from those in the South – separated by mountains!

October 18 2019 04:12 pm

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