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No.3 Covid-19 Update; Wed 1st July ; 2021 becomes 2021 Sadhu Sundar Singh

As I’ve said previously, by Jan 1st 2021, I shall leave easyBibles Level A and veryeasy totally -trusting God to take it forward – as He enables and decides.

So, today we move on to:
1. estaablish our group of purple people who really believe in being gay-affirming and independent of colonialisation to move forward in teams to help the poor.
2. in my usual style i am already planning where i shall spend my remaining energies and time in 2021 onwards. In God’s grace i have 2 immediate targets :
a) to support the vision of ‘Uniting Churches’
b) to seek to restore a balance for friends in Asia for tha NT and Commentaries – which till now have been heavily skewed towards the Colonial West.

While others are considering statues, I shall start by consulting Indians and their neighbours about Thomas Didiymus.
In 1945 President Nehru on Indian Independence Day reminded the West that Christianity reached India before England!
I’ve added the page to our website called ‘2021 Preparing now…..’ to help the transition in the next few months

I’ve already had support from my friend Revd John King and his son Tim an expert on hybrid motor engines (please contact me to pass on his advice) ant John has an excellent Blog called ‘HUMPTY DUMPTY’ – WORTH A LOOK.

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